“Coaching gave me new perspective on my ministry–not someone else’s perspective, necessarily, but a new perspective that I owned for myself.  Through thoughtful conversation with Laura, the joys of ministry were celebrated and the challenges actually seemed fun to tackle, because I saw them in a new light and was encouraged to tackle them in ways that fit my particular personality and skill set. My professional as well as my personal interactions, ministry, and daily life were deeply renewed and invigorated through coaching.” — Lauren, Associate Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

“Over the last couple of years, Laura has helped me discern a change in call and helped me walk through my farewells and hellos. Having a coach to bounce ideas off of and ask me thoughtful questions during this time of transition has allowed me to use my own gifts and strengths to their fullest and helped me to help me feel much more confident in my work as pastor.” — Iona, Pastor in the United Church of Christ

“As a first-call pastor and as the organizing pastor of a new worshiping community, I have rejoiced in having Laura as a coach to help me navigate through a range of ministry challenges. She has empowered me to think critically and analytically when I might have otherwise ineffectively rushed head-first into problem solving mode. Her theological prowess and interim training have proved invaluable in helping me to discern and name my ministerial identity in a non-traditional parish setting.” — Miriam, Campus Minister and Organizing Pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

“Laura led a retreat for my congregation shortly after I had announced my resignation after ten years of ministry there, and I think her wisdom, care, and presence helped me make a healthy exit and helped the church transition well and fruitfully. I commend her to you!” — Rebecca, Pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

“In all the daily to-do lists of ministry in my small congregation, it can feel like I’m treading water instead of moving forward. Coaching with Laura has really helped me focus my ministry – both in practical and big-picture ways. Her insightful questions and conversations have helped me reframe my priorities, and my ministry feels coherent again!” — Susie, Priest in the Episcopal Church

“Laura is a delight to work with. I am part of a clergy couple, and I am always seeking a good work and play balance. Laura has a way of asking questions that keep me aware of boundaries I need to draw. She has encouraged me to look at my calendar and insert times for myself that I wouldn’t have gotten without her recommendation to block out time for self-care. Being a solo pastor comes with many challenges, and with Laura’s guidance I have gained confidence in my ability to tackle difficult situations. One of my ordination requirements was to gain confidence in my preaching ability, and through working with Laura, I am glad to report my confidence has gone up behind the pulpit. She has worked with me, asking questions about how I could clarify and simplify my point. My delivery of sermons has improved as well due to Laura’s vital feedback.” — Christy, Pastor in the United Methodist Church

“Clergy coaching with Laura is one of the best things I have done to further build up my ministry.  Since I began, at the encouragement of my Synod, I have been able to grow and learn in many various aspects of ministry, with particular focus on my context. Not only have I learned great tips and tricks to help in the everyday work of a pastor, but I also feel more confident not only in my ministry, but in my own ideas and resources.” — Ruth, Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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