Let’s go out to the movies

[In the movie guy voice] In a world…

How would the movie guy narrate a trailer for your personal story? Would yours be a feel-good film, a tragicomedy, a documentary about succeeding against all odds?

We all have a movie about our life that plays in our mind. Events that mesh with the narrative are added in, and those that don’t get left on the cutting room floor. So if your story is primarily a positive one, it’s easier to overlook pop-up trials. If, however, your film is about being a victim, the compliments people pay you and the victories you attain won’t make the cut.

You can re-mix the movie. Consider this mock trailer that presents the horror film The Shining as a rom-com:

While this is an absurd example, it is possible to create an authentic, alternate narrative by going back into the cutting room and taking note of the pieces at your feet. Where can you add them in to your movie, or how can you make a whole new arc out of them?

It’s a new year. When next December rolls around, how will you want the movie guy to summarize these twelve months? Here’s mine: in a world where Laura did not please everyone or get everything done, she still loved and let others love her. Take control of your movie, and take control of your life.

YouTube video “The Shining Recut” is by neochosen.