The search for a new minister is a primary task of the transition time, and it is worthy of all the focus and resources the church can allot. But the potential positives of a search team’s work extend beyond the calling of one clergyperson. A ministerial search can deepen both the bonds between and the spiritual maturity of the search team members, with spillover into the congregation as a whole. It can help the church strengthen relationships with its denominational partners and geographical context. It can set the minister up for a fast start, allowing the minister to develop bonds quickly and introduce focus and energy into the system. It can bless the many candidates who come into contact with the search team, prompting them to develop a deeper understanding of their gifts and growing edges and preparing them to infuse health into the churches they will eventually serve.

A framework of hospitality enables a search team to hit all of these marks. The search approach detailed at Searching for the Called is designed to help a search team welcome the voices of the Holy Spirit, one another, the congregation, the larger community, and candidates for the ministry position. It provides search stage explanations, questions, best practices, and tools so that you might be blessed and, through your faithfulness, be a blessing to others.

In addition to updating the website regularly, I frequently post relevant articles to the Searching for the Called Facebook page. I believe that together we can better resource search committees for their essential work, with positive ripple effects throughout congregations, communities, and denominations.