Pastor search team coaching

Are you looking for ministerial search resources?

Maybe you’re a congregational or search team leader. Maybe you’re a judicatory leader who is supporting a church in its search process. Maybe you’re an interim minister tasked with training the search team in the congregation you’re serving. Whatever your role in the search for a new minister, I have a framework and tools to help search teams manage anxiety and find their best-fit pastor.

Searching for the Called is a comprehensive search process that can be customized to individual churches. It equips search teams to identify and engage effectively with candidates with whom they can envision fruitful ministry. It also enables search teams to avoid clergy-congregation mismatches that lead to conflict, heartache, inward focus, and the expense associated with a minister’s quick departure.

Yet the potential positives of a search team’s work extend beyond the calling of a clergyperson and the prevention of tension. A ministerial search can:

  • deepen the spiritual maturity of the search team members, with spillover into the congregation as a whole,
  • strengthen the church’s relationships with its denominational partners and geographical context,
  • bless the many candidates who come into contact with the search team, preparing them to infuse health into the churches they will eventually serve, and
  • set the minister up for a fast start.

A foundation of hospitality enables a search team to hit all of these marks. Searching for the Called is designed to help a search team welcome the voices of the Holy Spirit, one another, the congregation, the larger community, and candidates for the ministry position.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Searching for the Called website and/or Facebook page. I believe that together we can better resource search teams for their essential work, with positive ripple effects throughout congregations, communities, and denominations.