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Scheduled webinars

Trust-building workshop (Thursday, January 10, 2019, from 12:30-2:00 pm eastern). In this session we will explore what deep trust looks like and why it matters, I will share 8 Cs key to developing trust, and we will work together on ways to apply those Cs in our one-on-one interactions, team and committee work, and whole congregations. The cost for this workshop, which will take place via Zoom, is $15 per participant. All are welcome. You will come away from this workshop with greater hope for creating community and some tangible ways to make it happen. Registration is available here.

Fending off overfunctioning online workshop (Tuesday, February 12, 1:30-3:00 pm eastern). In this session I will define overfunctioning and connect its motivations to each Enneagram type. We will explore the implications of overfunctioning for ourselves, our loved ones, our congregations, and our successors. We’ll take a look at what scripture has to say about overfunctioning. Then we’ll pinpoint our signals that we’re easing into overfunctioning territory, discuss multiple strategies for extricating ourselves, and design the actions we each plan to implement to keep overfunctioning at bay. The cost for this workshop, which will take place by Zoom, is $15 per participant. You will come away with a sense of the bigger picture and some ways to adjust accordingly so that you can have a long, fruitful ministry and a flourishing life outside of the church. Registration is available here.

Searching for the Called overview (New dates and times added regularly). Searching for the Called is a comprehensive pastoral search process that equips search teams to identify and engage effectively with candidates with whom they can envision fruitful ministry. It also enables search teams to avoid clergy-congregation mismatches that lead to conflict, heartache, inward focus, and the expense associated with a minister’s quick departure. Free webinars about Searching for the Called are offered monthly. Registration is available here


Webinars by request

Webinars available upon request include:

  • Planning for Replenishment: Strategizing for Self-Care
  • Sailing Uncertain Seas: Navigating the Search & Call Process
  • Leaving & Starting Well: A Webinar for Clergy Transitioning Between Calls
  • Bridging the Gap: Ten Ways to Strengthen Relationships

If you are interested in scheduling an online or on-site workshop or presentation, please send your request via my contact form.