This search and call workbook for clergy provides reflection questions and tips for every step of the process, from discerning whether the time is right to make a move to starting a new call well. Click here to purchase Sailing Uncertain Seas: A Workbook for Navigating the Search & Call Process.


This workbook for clergy provides a framework, reflection questions, and observations for designing a self-care plan. Click here to purchase Planning for Replenishment: A Guide to Creating Your Own Self-Care Strategy.


This workbook is ideal for the United Methodist clergyperson meeting an SPRC during appointment-making season and for ministers of any denomination who need assistance negotiating the interview process. Click here to buy Preparing for and Debriefing Interviews: Reflection Questions for Clergy in the Search & Call Process. (For guidance throughout the search & call process, purchase Sailing Uncertain Seas, from which these sections are excerpted.)

The resources below are free, and you are welcome to use and share them in digital or hard copy formats with proper attribution (Laura Stephens-Reed, Clergy Coach & Congregational Consultant,

31-day prayer calendar for individuals (JPEG, PDF)

Lenten prayer calendar for congregations (JPEG, PDF)

Questions for reflection during conflict (JPEG, PDF)

30-day gratitude calendar for individuals (JPEG, PDF)

2015 Advent/Christmas prayer prompts (JPEG, PDF)

Confidence builders (JPEG, PDF)

Coaching call prep sheet (Word)

To-done list (JPEG, PDF)

Self-care bingo (PDF)

All Saints’/Thanksgiving prayer calendar (printer-friendly PDF, color PDF)

2016 Advent reflection questions (printer-friendly PDF, color PDF)

Understanding the dynamics of various church sizes (PDF)

Pastoral tasks and congregational needs across the church life cycle (PDF)