The resources below are free, and you are welcome to use and share them in digital or hard copy formats with proper attribution (Laura Stephens-Reed, Clergy Coach & Congregational Consultant,

31-day prayer calendar for individuals (JPEG, PDF)

Lenten prayer calendar for congregations (JPEG, PDF)

Questions for reflection during conflict (JPEG, PDF)

30-day gratitude calendar for individuals (JPEG, PDF)

2015 Advent/Christmas prayer prompts (JPEG, PDF)

Confidence builders (JPEG, PDF)

Coaching call prep sheet (Word)

To-done list (JPEG, PDF)

Self-care bingo (PDF)

All Saints’/Thanksgiving prayer calendar (printer-friendly PDF, color PDF)

2016 Advent reflection questions (printer-friendly PDF, color PDF)

Understanding the dynamics of various church sizes (PDF)

Pastoral tasks and congregational needs across the church life cycle (PDF)