Coaching packages

Coachees are invited to bring goals and/or challenges of their choosing to coaching calls. In addition to self-designed packages, I offer pre-outlined, customizable coaching packages as detailed below. Note that rates are negotiable based on ability to pay.

Search & call package

Have you discerned that God is calling you to a new season of ministry? Does the prospect of navigating the search & call process seem overwhelming? This package will prepare you to:

  • Establish your criteria for a “good fit” position
  • Make contacts essential to your search success
  • Tell your story to call committees
  • Get the details you need to make informed decisions
  • Juggle the work of searching with current responsibilities
  • Negotiate compensation that honors your needs and worth
  • Advocate for assistance you need to transition in well

This package includes 6 one-hour coaching sessions, feedback on a draft of your ministerial profile/application materials, and a copy of Sailing Uncertain Seas: A Workbook for Navigating the Call Process. The cost for this package is $750 ($450 for members/alumnae of YCWI, $200 for seminarians or ministers between positions).

Self-care design package

Do the margins in your life seem to be shrinking, to the detriment of your health, relationships, and work? This package will empower you to:

  • Name the reasons good self-care is important to you
  • Design a self-care plan using the five Ps:
    • Priorities
    • Permission
    • Planning
    • Parameters
    • Partners
  • Give yourself grace when tasks are left undone

This package includes 6 one-hour coaching sessions and a copy of the Planning for Replenishment workbook, both of which will allow coachees to come away with a detailed self-care plan. The cost is $750 ($450 for members/alumnae of YCWI, $200 for seminarians or ministers between positions).

For information on a la carte coaching services, click here.