Coaching packages

Coachees are invited to bring goals and/or challenges of their choosing to coaching calls. In addition to self-designed packages, I offer pre-outlined, customizable coaching packages for certain situations as detailed below. Click here for rates.

Leadership focus package

Does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill all your ministry tasks? Do you feel capable of leading much more effectively if you could better focus your time, attention, and gifts? Coachees who purchase this package will come away with the following:

  • Sharpened sense of purpose in ministry
  • Clear, contextual goals for your pastoral leadership
  • Organic strategies for reaching those goals
  • Toolkit for proactive and responsive time management

This package includes the Core Values Index (a short assessment to help coachees gain awareness of comfort zones, decision-making and conflict styles, areas of struggle, means of improving relationships, and ways to make the biggest impact), 5 one-hour coaching sessions, and a customized list of resources to support your pastoral leadership.

Search & call package

Have you discerned that God is calling you to a new season of ministry? Does the prospect of navigating the search & call process seem overwhelming? This package will prepare you to:

  • Establish your criteria so that you can assess whether a church is a good fit
  • Make contacts essential to your search success
  • Tell your story to call committees in a compelling way
  • Get the details you need to make informed decisions
  • Juggle the work of searching while honoring your current responsibilities
  • Negotiate compensation that honors your needs and worth
  • Advocate for the assistance you need to transition in well

This package includes an introductory call, 6 one-hour coaching sessions, feedback on a draft of your ministerial profile/application materials, and a copy of Sailing Uncertain Seas: A Workbook for Navigating the Call Process.

Leaving & starting a call well package

Having been called to a new congregation, are you unsure how to depart your current call in a way that sets the church up well for the transition time? Are you excited but uncertain about where to begin with a new set of tasks in a new context with new people? This package will equip you to:

  • Plan for the three Rs of leaving well: tending to the relationships you’ve built, ensuring coverage for the responsibilities of your role, and leaving helpful remnants for your successor
  • Strategize around the four Es of a good start: making sure you have the essentials to be able to focus on ministry, establishing an environment of trust from the start, getting everyone on the same page around expectations, and creating a network of encouragement for yourself
  • Identify the reasons for leaving and starting well so that you have the motivation to carry through on your intentions

This package includes an introductory call, the webinar “Leaving & starting well: a webinar for clergy transitioning between calls,” and 6 one-hour coaching sessions.

Self-care design package

Do the margins in your life seem to be shrinking, to the detriment of your health, relationships, and work? This package will empower you to:

  • Design a self-care plan using the five Ps (priorities, permission, planning, parameters, and partners)
  • Name the reasons good self-care is important to you so that you have the motivation to carry through on your plan
  • Give yourself grace when tasks are left undone so that you can stick with your plan during busier seasons

This package includes an introductory call, 6 one-hour coaching sessions, and a copy of the Planning for Replenishment workbook

For information on a la carte coaching services, click here.