Coaching FAQs

Here are some of the queries I receive most often about the coaching process and nuts and bolts, along with my responses:

How is coaching different from spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction looks for where God is at work and helps the pray-er let go of whatever is in God’s way. Coaching invites and celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit but also assists the coachee in planning action steps based on her/his God-given strengths and opportunities. Coaching and spiritual direction can work well in tandem.

How is coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Counseling explores the past to understand hurts and bring healing in the here and now. Coaching begins with the present and asks questions that promote movement into the future. Coaching and counseling can work well in tandem.

How long is a coaching session? A coaching package?

Coaching sessions typically last an hour. Coaching packages vary in length depending on the goals of the person being coached, but most are comprised of either six or ten sessions. Some one-off services are available as well.

Do I have to choose one of the pre-outlined packages?

Absolutely not. The pre-outlined packages are designed around topics that come up frequently among my coachees, but you and I can work together to develop a package that addresses your specific goals and challenges.

Do I have to live near you to be coached by you?

You do not! My coachees are scattered all across North America. Coaching takes place by phone or internet, depending on the coachee’s preference.

What does coaching cost? How do coachees pay for services?

Click here for current coaching rates. I invoice using PayPal, and coachees can pay online or send a check to the address on the invoice.

I’m interested in being coached, but I still have questions. How can I explore further the possibility of being coached?

Contact me, or better yet, set up a free 45-minute introductory call. During that call we’ll get to know each other so that you can determine if my approach meets your needs and you can get answers to any questions you have.