Clergy coaching

I believe that ministers are healthiest and most able to live into their leadership potential and their call when they have:

  • a conversation partner who encourages and gently challenges and
  • dedicated space for the vulnerability and reflection that is needed for making changes but is often hard to come by elsewhere.

Those two things are what I offer in a coaching relationship.

Here are some of the results that my coachees have achieved:

  • Resolved a congregational conflict with intentionality, integrity, and care for all involved.
  • Led the church through a discernment process around vision (including whether or not to launch a capital campaign) and the design of new ministries that drew upon the strengths of the congregation and met needs in the neighborhood.
  • Secured a new call, leaving the prior church in good shape for the transition time and starting the new position with a plan for establishing priorities and building relationships.
  • Established a new worshiping community with the lay leadership and infrastructure needed for long-term success.
  • Created a self-care strategy that better balanced vocation and personal life in order to be more present to church and to family.
  • Equipped and empowered laity to take on more leadership roles, thereby setting the congregation up to make the shift to a bigger church size.
  • Designed a plan for having hard but necessary congregational conversations so that trust was rebuilt and the focus could shift to the collective mission.
  • Identified an authentic leadership style and ways to become a more effective minister by leaning into it.

Here’s what coaching looks like: I ask open-ended questions to allow the person being coached to clarify a goal; explore options, resources, and obstacles; and design action items. When needed, I nudge coachees to name ways of holding themselves accountable to the strategies they create.

Coaching sessions typically last one hour each and take place by conference call or Zoom. Coaching relationships typically start out with six- or ten-session packages, with calls spaced one month apart. (If the coachee is working with a deadline or a conflict situation, the calls are more frequent.) At the end of the pre-determined number of sessions, I check in with the coachee about whether she wants to covenant for additional sessions or if she has met the coaching goals she named at the outset. I also offer pre-outlined, customizable packages as delineated here and a la carte coaching services as described here.

Click here to view my current rates. Note that I offer discounts for members and alumnae of Young Clergy Women International as well as for seminary students and seminary graduates awaiting first call.

Click here to schedule a free 45-minute call. We’ll talk about the outcomes you seek and the ways coaching can help you obtain them.



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