New workshop: let your light shine

I know a lot of clergywomen. I run in different networks designed for them. I coach them. I am one myself. And I cannot think of a single one that is not creative, smart, and committed. Why, then, aren’t more clergywomen serving as senior pastors in big pulpits or leading middle judicatories or denominations? One reason is that it’s largely up to us to showcase our own abilities and that of our clergywoman peers. That’s not easy, though, because women are socialized for humility and often have smaller spheres of influence because of the ministry roles to which we are called.

Based on these realities and gleanings from wise women in a cohort I recently led, I am offering an interactive workshop on six strategies for claiming and sharing your gifts, experiences, and successes. This event will share insight on how to
  • beef up your bio for guest preaching and speaking and for informal introductions
  • develop a system for keeping track of your accomplishments
  • be ready with adjectives and illustrations that highlight your skills
  • invite yourself to important committees and conversations
  • strengthen your networks, lifting up other women in the process
  • use social media to amplify women rather than give a bigger platform to those who deny our leadership abilities

The workshop will take place via the Zoom online platform from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm central time on Wednesday, February 5. The cost is $20. Please sign up here, and you will receive a PayPal invoice and a Zoom link in short order.

I look forward to helping you design ways for your brilliant light to have a greater reach!

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