Invest your remaining 2019 professional development funds in your 2020 leadership

You work hard for each penny you earn, and no doubt your leadership is worth more than your pay stub reflects. That’s why you should not leave any of your professional development money on the table. Every December I extend an offer to help coachees and potential coaches use every last bit. I call it the “round-up special” – I invoice you before December 31 for the remainder of your funds, and I round that amount up to the next coaching session value. Say, for example, that you have enough money left for 2 1/3 coaching sessions. With the round-up special, you get three coaching sessions to use at your convenience (which means after Advent and Christmas for most ministers!).

You can use those sessions to plan well for personal or congregational transitions, strategize time and energy management, claim your strengths so that you can lead from a place of authenticity, or address challenges you see coming down the road. This coaching will be tailored to your goals and your schedule, which means no trying to balance travel schedules with liturgical/church/personal calendars or weighing whether an event will be applicable to your ministry. (If you’re new to clergy coaching, you can read more about it here and see responses to some frequently asked questions here.)

How, then, do you take advantage of the round-up special?

If you are a current coaching client, email me the dollar amount for your invoice. The round-up sessions will be additional calls tacked onto the end.

If you are a former coaching client, email me the dollar amount for your invoice. I will invoice you at the per session rate I have coached you for in the past.

If you are a new coaching client, you can either email me the dollar amount for your invoice or – if you’d prefer to talk first – schedule a free exploratory call for December. Either way, I would then send you the coaching call scheduling link and all other information you need to get started.

If you have questions about this special or about coaching, I’d be happy to respond to them. You are welcome to contact me here.

Don’t leave a bit of your professional development funds behind when the calendar flips to 2020. Instead, use them all to grow more fully into the leader God has called you to be.


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