Take advantage of my most popular special!

There are 26 days left in 2017, which means it’s time to get serious about spending your remaining professional development funds. Maybe you have loaded up your Kindle, bought yourself a new Easter stole, and registered for that conference you’re stoked about – and still you have a few dollars until you hit $0.00. If that’s the case, think about investing in yourself by purchasing coaching sessions to use in 2018. You could use those sessions to

  • hone a new skill
  • develop a self-care plan
  • design your approach to dealing with difficult people
  • explore a change in call
  • think through how to orchestrate shifts in your ministry setting
  • strategize ways to handle conflict
  • create frameworks and processes for use in your congregation

Really, the options are endless.

Now here’s where the “special” part comes in: I will round up your remaining professional development funds to the next session value. You won’t leave any of your hard-earned pennies on the table, and you’ll have a thought partner and encourager to support your growth in the coming year.

Contact me before December 31 to take advantage of this offer. If you’re a prospective coachee and you want to chat before you commit, schedule a free introductory call here.

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