To-done list

I love lists. I always have. And there are few things that make me as giddy as crossing a task off my to-do list. Ministry, however, rarely lends itself to an agenda made up of bite-sized, easily quantifiable jobs. For us listlovers, then, it can be discouraging to get to the end of the day and see so few strikethroughs. It’s easy to wonder if we did anything worthwhile.

Enter the to-done list. When your day has looked nothing like what you’d planned – such is ministry! – or when intangibles have dominated your focus, cross out some items on this list and know that your day has been well-spent. Feel free to use and share. (Downloadable PDF version here.)

to done list

2 thoughts on “To-done list

  1. This is awesome and makes me kinda want one for lay people who don’t feel like they do enough for their church.


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