Focusing your thoughts before a coaching call

Sometimes coachees come to me because they know exactly what goals they want to accomplish or what challenges they’d like to resolve. They just need me to ask good questions and affirm their courage to help them get there. And sometimes coachees come to me because they are faced with very complex situations. They’re not even sure what outcomes they’re hoping for, much less where to start.

I welcome the opportunity to work with both kinds of coachees. (Goodness knows I have stared at my own tangled messes and wondered where the end of the string is! That’s why I am coached myself.) I want all my coachees to get the most out of their funds and our time together, no matter what their circumstances, so I have created a coaching call prep sheet. If we’ve got a session on the calendar but you’re having trouble naming or narrowing what you’d like to talk about, take a few minutes to think through the questions on the sheet. If the questions don’t help, contact me. We’ll figure out together if this is the right time for a call or if we need to reschedule.

A downloadable Word version of the sheet is available here. It’s also available as a Google Form here. I’ve shared a few other thoughts on how to get the most out of your coaching experience here.

Note that prospective coachees can use the call prep sheet to consider whether coaching might be a good-fit process for their particular needs. If your interest is piqued by the questions, contact me for more information.


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