Round Up special

It’s December, which means Chrismons and candle-lighting liturgies and counting the days until the hard-earned vacation after the holidays and…calculating exactly how much you have left in your 2015 professional expense fund.

roundupspecial2Maybe you’ve filled your Kindle and treated yourself to a new stole, and now you’re at a loss for how to steward those last few dollars. I invite you to consider investing those 2015 dollars in your 2016 goals by purchasing a coaching package.

Coaching provides you with a thought partner and an encourager who helps you move from lofty hopes to actionable steps. The coach utilizes questions geared to your learning style to help you become aware of and build connections among your knowledge and experiences to create a fresh way forward.

If this sounds like a good use of your remaining professional expense allotment, I want to offer you the biggest bang for your buck with a “Round Up Special.” Through December 31, I will round up the amount you have left in your professional expense account to the next coaching session value. For example, if you qualify for my $50/session rate and have $110 left in your fund, you can purchase three coaching sessions. That’s a savings of $40.

I welcome the opportunity to answer questions or give you more information. Contact me to start an email conversation or set up a time to talk by phone or Skype.


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