How I debrief from a coaching call

As previously mentioned, my coaching process adds anywhere from 15-30 minutes to either end of a one-hour call. Debriefing after a session is as important as focusing my thoughts beforehand, because the notes I jot down will help me be ready for our next conversation.

After a coaching call, I:

  • Take a deep breath. I’ve just gotten the privilege of hearing someone’s mind work for an hour. And often that mind is processing very weighty matters.
  • Treat myself to a very quick mental break. Time for a cute cat video! (Actually, I usually check my primary email and my Facebook notifications.)
  • Log the call. I update a spreadsheet that lets me know which session we’ve just completed.
  • Make copious notes. I type up – in a confidential file that doesn’t include full names or ministry settings – what we talked about, what the coachee’s takeaways were, and what issues were left dangling (if any).
  • Reflect on what seemed to work and what didn’t. I’m always looking to grow as a coach, so I think about what questions prodded the coachee to new awareness and what questions were too long, too confusing, or not very relevant. I also try to name potentially helpful questions that went unasked.
  • Thank the Spirit for the opportunity to coach. I get invited into sacred spaces, and I am grateful.

In between calls I write (hence this blog!), read books and articles that help me hone my coaching skills, and take advantage of continuing education opportunities.

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