“Go make a ruckus”

For the last several months I have been working my way through Seth Godin’s freelancer course on the web-based learning platform Udemy. The decision to take advantage of this opportunity was an easy one. I subscribe to Godin’s blog, which is full of insights about community and human nature that are as applicable to ministry as they are to business. The course is just as meaty.

I could tease out several threads that ran throughout the lessons and reflect on them. But I was most struck by Godin’s last line in his final lecture: “Go make a ruckus.” It was an invitation, an encouragement, to tell my story. To push against expectations. To infuse the world with beauty. To give a hand up to others who are carving out their vocational niches.

I love the thought of empowering others to “go make a ruckus.” Fellow ministers. Lay leaders. Congregation members. Community activists. Young people. Old people. Introverts. Extroverts. We live in a time that begs for questioning and creativity and connection.

Where, then, is God prompting you to make a ruckus?

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