Soul vacation

WP_20150926_001This past week my family took a trip to the Gulf Coast. We played in the waves, took plenty of naps, and ate our share of seafood. It was a nice break after the intensity of moving this summer.

It turned out to be a different kind of vacation for me. Not because I haven’t spent much time at the beach, because I’ve been fortunate to feel the ocean lapping at my feet from the shorelines of several states. Not because my husband and I had our two-year-old in tow, though a toddler certainly changes the schedule and dynamics of time away. No, this trip was unique in my adult life because I truly enjoyed each moment. (Yes, I realize it’s sad that this is such an uncommon occurrence.) It didn’t take two days to decompress enough to kick back. I didn’t have any re-entry dread at the tail end, either.

I attribute this ability to focus on fun to the fact that I love and am energized by my work. I was glad to set it aside for a week, and I was just as happy to pick it back up yesterday.

I’ll continue to reflect on what this new awareness means for my vocational life. And while I don’t have any advice for others about how to avoid the joy-leeching bookends of a vacation, I do hope for the same fullness of respite for each one of you.

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