Denominational meetings

Right now I am at a denominational meeting. It’s true that I’m a bit of a conference junkie, but there are several legitimate reasons why:

  • I get to worship. I can participate instead of mentally scrolling through the checklist of the behind-the-scenes details that contribute to a worshipful environment for others.
  • I get to learn. Workshops! About so many interesting topics! The problem is choosing.
  • I get to hear the good that is going on elsewhere. I emerge from my bubble to find out how other churches are doing innovative and effective ministry.
  • I get to connect. I renew old friendships and start new ones with people who speak my language.
  • I get to visit a new place. Often I travel somewhere that I probably wouldn’t have gone to if not for my meeting.
  • I get swag. Ah, pens, cups, magnets, sunglasses, reusable totes…

But perhaps most importantly…

  • I get to breathe. I am away from my routine and my regular responsibilities. I can use this time to hit the re-set button and return to Real Life refreshed and re-energized.

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