The value of filling the pulpit

feetLet’s be honest. Clergy cannot live on pulpit supply honoraria alone. Even in judicatories that dictate generous minimums, the return on a guest minister’s investment of time usually works out to less than minimum wage. (Don’t do the math. Just…don’t.)

But, pulpit supply pays other dividends that could be even more valuable than cold, hard cash.

Do you need to get your name out because you’re between positions? Do you have a new freelance ministry that could be advertised in your guest minister bio? Guest preaching, done well, can raise your profile and give you good word-of-mouth buzz.

Do you love learning how other congregations or denominations worship? Guest preaching provides you the opportunity to try on someone else’s way of doing things.

Do you enjoy meeting new people and traveling to new places? Guest preaching allows you to encounter folks and visit towns you wouldn’t otherwise.

Do you want to learn more about how to and how not to treat guests, whether clergy or laity? Guest preaching gives you a glimpse into others’ hospitality practices.

Best of all, though, guest preaching gives you a forum to tell the Good News and fulfill part of your call in the process.

If you’re wondering how to fill the pulpit without losing your mind, check out some tips here.

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